Apply for Thailand Travel documentation in Dubai from Jazz Travel & Tourism.

Must Be Submit The Documents By Traveler.

  1. Online Application Fill / Appointment Mandatory. (Jazz Travel Will Do)
  2. Original & Passports copy of the travelers valid for six months or more.
  3. Two (2) photographs of passport size with White Background.
  4. Original & Emirates ID-front and back side, Take a photo/scan of original ID, E-document is not accepted. UAE ID at least 3 (three) months validity.
  5. Itinerary with flight information Confirmed Ticket. (Jazz Travel Will Do)
  6. Personal UAE bank statement last 3 months – With Original Bank Stamp.
  7. (NOC) Certificate of employment of applicant with position and monthly salary Template is available in our office.
  8. Hotel Booking. (Jazz Travel Will Do)
  10. Document to prove legal residency (Residence Visa, Rental Agreement).

Note: The Embassy may contact the applicant to request additional information/documentation and to interview the applicant.

Validity of Thailand Tourist Visa:

  • 30 days stay and 90 days of validity. Depends on the Consulate approval.

Processing Time for Thailand Tourist Visa:  

  • 1 – 2 weeks

Fees for Visa:

 AED 799 — Processing Fee